Friday, August 10, 2012

My New Diet

To anyone out there who is REALLY struggling with losing weight, in spite of dieting and exercising properly, I just have to share with you this... to do 3 things:

1) Get your thyroid function checked (including T3 levels)

2) Get your hormones checked for perimenopause/menopause
and what really worked for me...
(correct any insufficiency there first! I have experienced 1st hand what low thyroid and hormones can do to your energy level, mood, sleep, LIFE. And fixing these imbalances has made a world of difference in my life.

3) Go on a VEGAN / WHOLE FOODS / NO REFINED SUGARS or STARCHES / ORGANIC / nonGMO DIET! This is a toughy at first, but you'll feel wonderful if you stick with it, I promise!

  - Get the "LoseIt" app. Set a goal of 1# weight loss a week and record everything you eat - ALL of it.
  - Take a good all around daily supplement which includes B12 or make sure you drink or eat foods fortified with it. (Make sure the supplement is GOOD. You get what you pay for here.)
  - Check out Jillian Micheals' podcasts for inspiration and other "vegan" podcasts and blogs.
  - Watch documentaries such as "King Corn", "Forks Over Knives", "Food Inc." and "Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead" for inspiration.

I have lost 13 pounds in the past 3 months and
I haven't even started back to exercising regularly yet! I have not suffered terrible cravings, because I haven't set myself up for them - because I don't flood my system with refined sugar, my blood sugar doesn't crash.

I eat a lot of nuts, beans, whole grains like quinoa and sprouted spelt bread,  and lots and lots of veggies! I avoid lots of sweet fruit, but treat myself to occasional dried apricots, KIND bar or coconut ice cream. I "cheat" very occasionally, so I don't feel deprived. (really Dark Chocolate is good for you YAY!)

People have told me I'm looking "great" and my skin looks younger than my age. I feel healthier than I have in years.

I truly believe I wouldn't be getting the results I am if I weren't sticking to a "whole foods" type diet.

I have a degree in Medical Dietetics and am a Registered Dietitian, so I can assure you I know this type of diet can be super healthy, as long as you make sure you get all the nutrients covered.. and YES you can get all the protein and iron you need! There are lots of topics out there like "glycemic index" which, if understood, can help you in curbing the cravings too.


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